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Tampa WIC Clinics In Florida

Below is a list of Tampa WIC clinics in Florida. The staff at these Florida WIC offices can assist you with the Women, Infants and Children program including how to apply and determine if you are eligible. In order to start your application process, you will first need to call one of the Tampa WIC clinic locations listed below to setup an appointment. Make sure to ask what documents you need to bring to your meeting so they can quickly and easily determine if you can receive Florida WIC benefits. Select a location below to find the WIC office phone number and office hours in the Tampa area. If you want to search for local clinics using a street address, then use the Find WIC Clinic Locations search form on the right side of this page.

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How can I find my nearest WIC office in Tampa FL?

There is more than one WIC office in Tampa. These facilities are located in various parts of the city. No matter where you live, there should be a clinic in your area where you can apply for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program benefits. You can use this website to find a list of WIC clinics in Tampa. This site also offers additional information about individual clinics, such as where they are located and how to contact the offices.

Are there age limits regarding who can receive WIC in Tampa?

Not everyone is eligible to receive WIC in Tampa FL. In fact, there are several different requirements you need to meet in order to qualify for WIC. One of these relates to what type of applicant you are. If you are the main adult applicant in your claim, you may qualify to receive benefits if you are:

  • Pregnant.
  • Postpartum.
  • Breastfeeding.

If you are one of these applicants, your WIC office does not have any additional age requirements you must meet. However, there are specific age requirements that apply to children. In order to receive benefits from one of the WIC Tampa locations, your dependents must be younger than five years of age.

What should I bring to apply at one of the Tampa WIC office locations?

When you are ready to apply for benefits at one of the WIC locations in Tampa FL, you must bring specific items with you. These items include:

  • Proof of identity for you and each of your children.
  • Documents that verify you live in Florida.
  • Proof of your family’s earnings.
  • Your children’s immunization records.
  • You and your children’s Social Security Numbers (SSNs).
  • Your WIC Medical Referral Form.

Additionally, be sure you bring your dependents to the WIC office with you. Case workers cannot award WIC in Tampa FL to any applicants who do not participate in the interview.

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