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Montclair Farmers Market Doubles Down On WIC Vouchers

Montclair Farmers Market Doubles Down On WIC Vouchers

EBT Blog
By: Brad Greens

Aug 04, 2016

It has been announced by the Board of Trustees of the Montclair Farmers Market that vendors who accept SNAP, WIC checks and Seniors FMNP vouchers will be able to get "Double Value" for their dollars. So for example, when a participant spends $10 of their SNAP or WIC vouchers, they can by $20 worth of fresh, locally grown produce and other healthy food choices located at Montclair Farmers Market. This will help local residents who are on tight food budgets more bang for their buck.

"Good food should be available to all," said Jennifer Papa, founder and Executive Director of City Green. "People want to buy fresh healthy food; it’s a question of access."

"We’re all very excited about the second year of this program", said Eileen Sweeny, a Trustee of the Montclair Farmers’ Market. "Bringing this Double Value Coupon Program -- we call it ‘Double Bucks’-- to our market will make it easier for all of our neighbors to buy healthy fresh fruits and veggies for their families."

Montclair New Jersey was one of the very first towns with a Farmers Market offering this Garden State Good Food Program.

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