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San Antonio WIC Clinics In Texas

Below is a list of San Antonio WIC clinics in Texas. The staff at these Texas WIC offices can assist you with the Women, Infants and Children program including how to apply and determine if you are eligible. In order to start your application process, you will first need to call one of the San Antonio WIC clinic locations listed below to setup an appointment. Make sure to ask what documents you need to bring to your meeting so they can quickly and easily determine if you can receive Texas WIC benefits. Select a location below to find the WIC office phone number and office hours in the San Antonio area. If you want to search for local clinics using a street address, then use the Find WIC Clinic Locations search form on the right side of this page.

Barrio Comp Family Health Care WIC Clinic

803 Castroville Suite 416
San Antonio, TX 78237View Details | View Map

Buena Vista WIC Clinic

2315 Buena Vista
San Antonio, TX 78207View Details | View Map

Callaghan WIC Clinic

4412 Callaghan
San Antonio, TX 78228View Details | View Map

CentroMed Somerset WIC Clinic

7315 South Loop 1604 West
San Antonio, TX 78249View Details | View Map

CentroMed SW Military WIC Clinic

910 SW Military Drive
San Antonio, TX 78221View Details | View Map

CentroMed Walzem WIC Clinic

5255 Walzem Road
San Antonio, TX 78218View Details | View Map

CentroMed WIC Clinic Nutrition Palo Alto

9011 Poteet Jourdanton Fwy
San Antonio, TX 78224View Details | View Map

Christus Santa Rosa WIC Clinic

401 North San Saba
San Antonio, TX 78207View Details | View Map

Communicare WIC Northwest

8210 Callaghan Road
San Antonio, TX 78230View Details | View Map

Marbach WIC Clinic

7452 Military Dr West
San Antonio, TX 78251View Details | View Map

Naco Perrin Clinic WIC

4020 Nacco Perrin
San Antonio, TX 78217View Details | View Map

Pecan Valley WIC Clinic

802 Pecan Valley
San Antonio, TX 78220View Details | View Map

Popping WIC Clinic

5055 Popping Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229View Details | View Map

Potranco WIC

10002 Westover Bluff
San Antonio, TX 78257View Details | View Map

Rittiman Clinic WIC

4343 Rittiman Road
San Antonio, TX 78218View Details | View Map

Sabine WIC Clinic

4606 Centerview Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229View Details | View Map

Salinas WIC Clinic

630 S Gen McMullen
San Antonio, TX 78237View Details | View Map

Santa Rosa Northwest WIC Clinic

5500 Babcock Road Suite 123
San Antonio, TX 78240View Details | View Map

South Flores WIC Clinic

3723 South Flores #106
San Antonio, TX 78214View Details | View Map

South Flores WIC Clinic

6723 South Flores Suite 106
San Antonio, TX 78221View Details | View Map

Zarzamora WIC Clinic

4503 S Zarzamora
San Antonio, TX 78211View Details | View Map

How do I schedule an appointment at a San Antonio WIC office?

The San Antonio WIC office is an important government facility. These offices are where you need to go if you want to apply for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) benefits. When you are ready to apply for this program, first locate your nearest WIC clinic. You can search for WIC offices near you by using this website. Once you find the facility you want to apply at, call the office by phone to schedule your interview. Alternatively, you can go to the office and arrange your meeting in person.

What are the income guidelines to enroll in WIC in San Antonio Texas?

Before you go to your local WIC office in San Antonio TX, make sure you meet the program guidelines to enroll. There are several of these criteria you must meet, and one relates to how much income your household earns. Regardless of whether you live in San Antonio or another city, you must qualify as low-income to apply. Specifically, this means that your household earnings must be within 185 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). The maximum amount you can earn and still receive WIC benefits depends on your household size.

Keep in mind that your WIC application will not be accepted unless you meet additional program requirements. You must also be a Texas resident and have nutritional need. Additionally, your children need to be younger than five years to receive benefits from a WIC clinic in San Antonio TX. If you are filing the application for your family, you need to be one of the following:

  • Postpartum
  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding

Can I use my San Antonio WIC office benefits in another state?

After you enroll in the WIC program in San Antonio TX, you receive monetary benefits through your Texas WIC card. You can use these funds to purchase groceries at approved supermarkets throughout the state. However, remember that you cannot use Texas WIC benefits outside the state.

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