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Texas WIC Online Classes

Texas offers online WIC classes that are aimed at providing a high quality nutrition service and education to all women, infants and children who are eligible to receive WIC benefits. The primary mission of these online WIC classes is to teach young mothers how to live a healthier life and how to have a healthy child by feeding them the proper dietary foods all from the comfort of their home.

To get started click here to access the Texas online WIC classes website. Once on the site you will be given the option to login. You do not have to login, but logging in will allow you to leave a class in the middle of a lesson and come back and finish it and it allows you to track which classes you have completed. To get credit for taking a online WIC class you only need to complete 1 class prior to your appointment. Each class certificate is valid for 3 months. If your class certificate is older than 3 months you may be asked to complete an additional class.

Once you have logged into the system click on "WIC class" link. Next, select the class you would like to complete and follow the on screen instructions. At the end of the class you will see a certificate, simply print it out and bring your certificate to your next WIC appointment to get credit for attending. If you do not have a way to print out the certificate for your completed class then write down the name of the class, the certificate number and the date and time you completed the class and bring that to your next Texas WIC appointment.

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