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Clarksville WIC Clinics In Tennessee

Below is a list of Clarksville WIC clinics in Tennessee. The staff at these Tennessee WIC offices can assist you with the Women, Infants and Children program including how to apply and determine if you are eligible. In order to start your application process, you will first need to call one of the Clarksville WIC clinic locations listed below to setup an appointment. Make sure to ask what documents you need to bring to your meeting so they can quickly and easily determine if you can receive Tennessee WIC benefits. Select a location below to find the WIC office phone number and office hours in the Clarksville area. If you want to search for local clinics using a street address, then use the Find WIC Clinic Locations search form on the right side of this page.

Montgomery County WIC Clinic

1850 Business Park Dr Suite #103
Clarksville, TN 37040View Details | View Map

Montgomery County WIC Clinic

300 Pageant Lane
Clarksville, TN 37041View Details | View Map

How do I find my closest Clarksville WIC office?

You can easily find a WIC office in Clarksville Tennessee near you. If you live in the city, you need to go to one of these facilities to apply for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) benefits. While finding a WIC office can seem overwhelming, it is easy to do. You can search for acceptance facilities in your city by using this site. Your search will show you all of the locations in the city where you can submit your WIC application.

Once you locate the WIC office you want to apply at, click on the entry. From there, you can see additional information about the location, such as that particular Clarksville WIC office phone number. You can also see if the agency has its own website.

Do I need an appointment to apply for WIC in Clarksville Tennessee?

Before you go to a Clarksville WIC office and apply for benefits, you need to schedule an appointment. This is generally protocol for whatever facility you apply at in the city. If you live near the WIC agency you want to apply at, you may be able to schedule your appointment in person. Alternatively, you can call the facility and arrange your certification interview by phone. In any case, make sure your children can attend your appointment with you.

During your WIC appointment, program officials need to assess whether your family has a nutritional need that makes you eligible to enroll. The only way medical professionals can determine if you meet this requirement is by assessing you in person.

Is there an age limit for who can enroll in the Clarksville WIC program?

The WIC clinic in Clarksville Tennessee only has one age limit regarding which applicants can enroll which relates to children. In order to receive WIC benefits, child applicants need to be younger than five years of age. Primary applicants can be any age and still receive benefits. However, the parent applicant must be:

  • Pregnant.
  • Postpartum.
  • Breastfeeding.

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