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How To Apply For WIC In Maryland

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, also know as WIC, is a program that is designed to help low-income pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women, infants, and children 5 years old or younger who are at nutritional risk. The Maryland WIC program accomplishes this by providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, information that can help provide healthy eating options including breastfeeding, and referrals to health care. If you are looking to know how to apply for WIC in Maryland, then read the information provided below.

Maryland WIC Is For

  • You live in Maryland and are a(n)image: better nutrition and brighter future
    • Pregnant woman
    • New mom (up to six months after delivery)
    • Breastfeeding mom (up to one year after delivery)
    • Infant
    • Child under the age of five
  • You meet the income guidelines listed below
  • You have a nutritional need

You Can:

  • Have a job or be unemployed
  • Own a home or live with friends or relatives
  • Be married or single
  • Be a father, mother, guardian, or grandparent and apply for benefits for an infant or child under the age of 5

How To Apply For Maryland WIC
To set up an appointment to apply for WIC, call the WIC office in your county. You will need to bring each person who is ap​plying for benefits to this first appointment, including infants and all children up to age five.  In preparation for your appointment, please bring the following items:

Proof of Household Income (Bring at least ONE)

  • Recent pay stubs, or benefit letter: SSI, Social Security, Unemployment
  • Medical Assistance card
  • Independence Card with register receipt (30 days)
  • Tax Return

Person(s) being certified and proof of identity (Bring ONE below, per person)

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver's License or MVA identification
  • Social Security Card
  • Picture Identification (Government, School, Employment)

Proof of your address (Bring ONE)

  • Driver's License or MVA Identification
  • Official Bill or Statement
  • Copy of Lease

If applicable

  • Proof of pregnancy
  • Immunization record (infant or child)
  • WIC referral

WIC Contact Information
Maryland WIC Program
Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
201 W. Preston Street, 1st Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Tel : 1-800-242-4WIC(942) | Fax : 410-333-5683

WIC Income Guidelines
Check the income guidelines to see if you qualify for WIC. If your family receives less than the amount listed, you may be eligible. Foster care, Medical Assistance, Temporary Cash Assistance and Food Supplement Program clients are income eligible.

Family Size Annual Income Monthly Twice-Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
1 $21,978 $1,832 $916 $846 $423
2 $29,637 $2,470 $1,235 $1,140 $570
3 $37,296 $3,108 $1,554 $1,435 $718
4 $44,955 $3,747 $1,874 $1,730 $865
5 $52,614 $4,385 $2,193 $2,024 $1,012
6 $60,273 $5,023 $2,512 $2,319 $1,160
7 $67,951 $5,663 $2,832 $2,614 $1,307
8 $75,647 $6,304 $3,152 $2,910 $1,455
For each additional family member add +$7,696 +$642 +$321 +$296 +148

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