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Idaho WIC Approved Foods

Below is a list of Idaho WIC approved foods. When you go shopping at a grocery store remember to bring your WIC ID folder along with your checks/vouchers or your eWIC card, depending on what the state gives you. You also should bring the Idaho approved WIC food list brochure which you can view below or download here. This will help you determine what items you can purchase. If you do not see the food item you are looking to purchase with your Idaho WIC benefits or have additional questions or issues, then we suggest contacting your local WIC clinic.

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Idaho WIC Food List Fruits and Vegetables

Idaho WIC Food List Cereal

Idaho WIC Food Whole Wheat Bread and Other Whole Grains

Idaho WIC Food List Peanut Butter, Dry Beans, Peas, Lentils and Juice

Idaho WIC Food List Milk, Cheese and Eggs

Idaho WIC Food List Infant Cereal, Tuna, Salmon, infant meats, Fruits and Vegetables

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