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Columbia WIC Clinics In South Carolina

Below is a list of Columbia WIC clinics in South Carolina. The staff at these South Carolina WIC offices can assist you with the Women, Infants and Children program including how to apply and determine if you are eligible. In order to start your application process, you will first need to call one of the Columbia WIC clinic locations listed below to setup an appointment. Make sure to ask what documents you need to bring to your meeting so they can quickly and easily determine if you can receive South Carolina WIC benefits. Select a location below to find the WIC office phone number and office hours in the Columbia area. If you want to search for local clinics using a street address, then use the Find WIC Clinic Locations search form on the right side of this page.

Eau Claire Pediatric Clinic WIC

4801 Monticello Rd
Columbia, SC 29203View Details | View Map


What are the Columbia WIC office enrollment eligibility requirements?

Workers at the Columbia WIC office can only approve applications from certain applicants. In order to enroll in the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, applicants need to meet the following requirements:

  • Qualify as low-income. Petitioners can only receive benefits if they meet the federal government’s WIC income guidelines. The maximum amount of earnings families can receive relates to how many people live in the households.
  • Live in SC. Applicants must be South Carolina residents in order to qualify for WIC.
  • Have medical need. Individuals with nutritional needs may be able to receive benefits.

In addition, keep in mind that your WIC clinic can only award benfefits to certain types of applicants. For example, your children can enroll in the WIC program in Columbia SC. However, they must be younger than five years of age. If you are the primary applicant in your household, you could qualify if you are postpartum, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do I need an appointment to apply at the Columbia WIC office?

You may need an appointment to apply for WIC in Columbia. However, this requirement varies depending on where you apply. Although WIC is a federal program, different clinics establish their own rules for when and how you can apply. Therefore, some facilities may require you to schedule a WIC appointment in order to apply for benefits. However, other facilities may offer walk-in hours.

To avoid confusion, make sure you check with your WIC office about appointment requirements. If you need to schedule an appointment, be sure to choose a time that works best for your family. Often, clinics allow you to interview in the day, evening and in some cases, during the weekend.

Should my children come with me when I apply for Columbia WIC?

If your children are included in your WIC Columbia South Carolina application, make sure they attend your interview with you. As a general rule, your WIC office can only accept your child’s application if he or she is present. This is also true if you have an infant who you want to enroll in the WIC program.

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