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How To Apply For WIC In Ohio

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, also know as WIC, is a program that is designed to help low-income pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women, infants, and children 5 years old or younger who are at nutritional risk. The Ohio WIC program accomplishes this by providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, information that can help provide healthy eating options including breastfeeding, and referrals to health care. If you are looking to know how to apply for WIC in Ohio, then read the information provided below.

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Ohio WIC Program Eligibility
Who is eligible?

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women; women who recently had a baby; infants birth through 12 months; children age 1 to 5 years; who are:
    • Present at the clinic appointment, and provide proof of identity;
    • Residents of the State of Ohio;
    • Determined by health professionals to be at medical/nutritional risk; and
    • Meets income guidelines - 185 percent of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

Ohio WIC Program Income Guidelines
In order to be eligible for WIC, the gross countable income of the economic unit, of which the applicant/participant is a member, must be less than or equal to the Ohio WIC program income guidelines for economic unit size provided in the following chart. WIC income guidelines are updated each year.

Economic Unit Annually Monthly Twice Monthly Biweekly Weekly
1 $21,978 $1,832 $916 $846 $423
2 29,637 2,470 1,235 1,140 570
3 37,296 3,108 1,554 1,435 718
4 44,955 3,747 1,874 1,730 865
5 52,614 4,385 2,193 2,024 1,012
6 60,273 5,023 2,512 2,319 1,160
7 67,951 5,663 2,832 2,614 1,307
8 75,647 6,304 3,152 2,910 1,455

How To Apply For Ohio WIC Benefits
WIC clinics are located in all 88 Ohio counties. Applicants can call the Help Me Grow Helpline at 1-800-755-GROW (1-800-755-4769) for specific clinic locations or call your county WIC clinic (see WIC Clinic Directory button on the first page for your county WIC clinic phone number).

You can also apply by printing out a WIC Program Application and mailing it to the WIC clinic in your area. Please note that you must schedule an appointment at the clinic, too.

To save time at your appointment, you can also print out a health history form from the list below. Print out one health history form for each person applying. Be sure to complete the form that best describes the person: 1. infant (birth to 12 months old), 2. child (age 1 to 5 years), 3. pregnant, or 4. breastfeeding woman or woman who has had a baby in the last 6 months and is not pregnant. The WIC staff will help you to make sure you receive health and nutrition information that is individualized to you and your family based on the information on these completed forms.

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