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Pueblo of Isleta WIC Clinic New Mexico

This WIC office, Pueblo of Isleta WIC Clinic New Mexico, is located in Isleta New Mexico. If you need to apply for benefits and live in this area, then use the WIC office phone number listed below to call and schedule an appointment with their staff. When you call them, make sure to verify what documents you need to bring with you so that they have everything they need to determine if you are eligible to receive New Mexico WIC benefits. If you already participate in the program and have questions or issues, you can contact Pueblo of Isleta WIC Clinic New Mexico as well and they can assist you.

Please note, if you are moving to another state you need to first contact your local WIC office and let them know so they can give you proof that you received New Mexico WIC benefits. You will need this proof when you move to your new state so that you can continue receiving your benefits until it expires. Normally the staff will give you a special card that you can show the staff in the state you are moving to.

  • Office Location

    4 Sagebrush Street
    Isleta, NM 87105

  • Office Number

    The WIC office phone number to call this location in New Mexico is 505-924-3180 or 505-869-2662.You can fax them at 505-869-8309.

  • Office Website

    Currently we do not have a website for this WIC office location.

  • Update Office Information

    If you have updated location or contact information for this WIC office, click here.

Map to Pueblo of Isleta WIC Clinic New Mexico

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