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WIC Income Guidelines Indiana

When applying for benefits, part of the requirement is your income. The state agency uses the Indiana WIC income guidelines listed below to help determine if an applicant is eligible for the WIC program. A person or certain family members, who participate in other benefit programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, or TANF, automatically meet the WIC income eligibility requirements. If you are looking to apply for the WIC program and need to know all the requirements, how to apply for Indiana WIC.

Indiana WIC Income Guidelines
Families already receiving Medicaid, SNAP, and TANF are income eligible for the WIC program.

Family Size* Annual income up to $ (total before deductions) Monthly income up to $ (total before deductions) Weekly income up to $ (total before deductions)
1 $21,978 $1,832 $423
2 $29,637 $2,470 $570
3 $37,296 $3,108 $718
4 $44,955 $3,747 $865
5 $52,614 $4,385 $1,012
6 $60,273 $5,023 $1,160
7 $67,951 $5,663 $1,307
8 $75,647 $6,304 $1,455
Each additional family member, add +$7,696 +$642 +$148

If you are pregnant, count yourself as two (2).

For households with more than 8 members, add $7,696 annual income for each additional member.

*Household means a group of people (related or not) who are living as one economic unit.

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