Little Creek Multi Service WIC Clinic

Little Creek Multi Service WIC is a clinic in Norfolk Virginia. This WIC location can assist you with questions or issues with the Virginia Women Infants and Children program, including questions about how to apply for WIC. You can call and schedule an appointment to fill out a Virginia WIC application, your caseworker can tell you what documents you need to bring to the meeting. It should be noted that WIC is a short-term program and the length of time to receive benefits depends on whether the WIC participate is pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding, an infant, or a child. In most cases they would receive WIC benefits from 6 months to a year, at which time that person would need to reapply.

Sometimes WIC agencies might not have enough resources to put everyone on the program, when this happens these people are put on a waiting list. Then, using a priority system, it is determined who will get WIC benefits first when more resources are available. The main reason behind this priority system is to make sure WIC services and benefits are provided first to participants with the most serious health needs. If you still have questions or issues about the WIC program, we recommend to contact the Little Creek Multi Service WIC Clinic below.

  • WIC Clinic Location

  • Little Creek Multi Service WIC
    207 E. Little Creek Road
    Norfolk, Virginia 23505
  • WIC Clinic Phone Number

  • The phone number to call this WIC clinic is 757-531-2130.
  • WIC Clinic Information

  • If this is your Norfolk WIC office in Virginia and you need to update your information, click here.

Little Creek Multi Service WIC